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The main differences between the two apps in this department are tools Evernote has that Notes does not.

Evernote Reviews

Evernote has more options to customize text, with strikethrough, highlighting, and the ability to change font size. I find this particularly helpful when composing teaching notes, as I can use different colors for things like questions or quotes in my outline. Both apps can add photos to notes, but Evernote has better tools for scanning paper into the app. By using the technology behind Scannable , Evernote creates a big draw for anyone who regularly needs to scan documents.

Files can be attached to notes using Document Providers from within Evernote. Apple Notes doesn't allow attaching files, except with its share extension. One downside in Evernote is that most file types don't have rich previews inline — they simply show the file name and type. Voice memos can be created directly inside of Evernote, while Notes only supports adding voice memos from an external app. If you use an external keyboard, Evernote has more keyboard shortcuts than Apple Notes, too. Evernote is more effective than Apple Notes at organizing your notes.

First, there is still no way to reorder folders in Apple Notes on iOS, nor can you create sub-folders. Creating sub-folders is possible on the Mac, so its absence on iOS is especially curious. Evernote lets you add notebooks to a stack, which essentially makes them sub-folders. Changing the sort order of notebooks isn't possible in Evernote, but it's less of an issue due to the Recent Notebooks view. Notebooks can also be added to the Shortcuts screen, allowing you to view only a select few at a time.

Strengths & Weaknesses

The one drawback for Evernote here is a longstanding one — nesting notebooks within other notebooks is impossible. The organization system consists of two tiers only: stacks and notebooks. The latter can be grouped within the former, but there are no options beyond that. Basic options for renaming folders and creating sub-folders are long overdue in Apple Notes. One nice option in Evernote is the ability to add a reminder to a note.

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Unlike in Apple's ecosystem where reminders lives separate from notes, Evernote combines the two in a way. Notifications contain action buttons: Snooze, Mark as Done, and View. I've found reminders a helpful way to keep track of any notes that are works in progress and stay on top of things. Perhaps the most significant benefit Evernote has over Apple Notes regarding note organization is its use of tags. In addition to being organized by notebook, notes in Evernote can be assigned one or more tags.

Some people employ tagging more than others, but there's no denying it's a nice option to have. Notes holding a specific tag can be found quickly through search or through filtering notes by tag. Since the early days of Evernote, tools like the service's web clipper made it easy to get content into Evernote without needing to open the app. On iOS, the share sheet fills that role. Invoking the iOS share sheet can present a couple different extensions for Evernote. The standard extension, simply labeled 'Evernote,' is most common and you will likely find it most useful.

App Review: Evernote 5.0

Selecting it presents a list of ways to save the file in Evernote. You can select the notebook you want the file's new note added to, as well as attach tags to it or write additional text to go with it. After selecting the options, tapping Save sends the file to Evernote without needing to leave the current app.

17 Top Evernote Alternatives for Note-Taking for | Workzone

Depending on the type of content, you may see a second extension option: 'Import to Evernote. I could see this working best if you use a GTD-style method of processing notes with an Inbox that is designated as your default notebook. Evernote's share extensions do not provide the option to append anything to an existing note, only create new notes. This is an obvious area that Apple Notes handles better; adding files or links to existing notes is something I do all the time.

Evernote 8: A Review and Comparison with Apple Notes

After content has been sent to Evernote through a share extension, it's displayed in notes differently than in Apple Notes. Links feature perhaps the most significant divergence. Apple Notes presents links as nice-looking rich previews that include a thumbnail, if available, as well as the linked site's title and part of its body. Evernote goes an entirely different route, saving the full content of the linked page into a note. The note will include full text, images, links, etc.

It's almost like saving a webpage as a PDF, except that the entire contents of the page are imported to Evernote in editable form. As mentioned earlier, other types of files like PDFs don't receive inline rich previews in Evernote, but they will be previewed in your Note List if they're near the top of the note. Apple Notes provides both the option to view previews, and the option to simply see the file name and type. One area where Evernote excels is integration with Workflow. Evernote, on the other hand, contains a number of Workflow actions that largely make up for the deficiencies of its native share extensions.

The most valuable Workflow action in my mind is Append to Note, which includes the option to append or prepend to specific notes. The vast majority of the time that I append to notes in Apple Notes, it's to one of a handful of specific notes, so needing to create Workflows that correspond to specific notes isn't an issue for me.

Evernote and Apple Notes both have different strengths in the area of share extensions, so the one you prefer will likely depend on your own needs, and your preferences about how content appears in notes. If you don't mind using Workflow's extension at times rather than a native Evernote extension, Evernote generally has more to offer in the area of getting content into it from other apps. In a way, Evernote is a better citizen of the Apple ecosystem than Apple Notes: it has apps for both Apple Watch and iMessage, while Notes supports neither platform.

Evernote's Apple Watch app is one of the most impressive third-party apps I've seen. Particularly on my Series 2 model running the latest version of watchOS, the app flies. Evernote's app is extremely simple, as any good Watch app should be. There's one main screen that begins with two action buttons at the top. The plus button allows creating a new note via dictation, which will then be saved to your default notebook. The search button searches for a note via dictation or by using watchOS 3's Scribble feature to write out your search. Recent searches are also listed so you can simply tap to complete a past search again.

Below the plus and search buttons is a list of notes, each of which can be tapped on to view its contents in full. The app does not show your notebooks or every note you have, but instead presents recent notes or notes with reminders that are due soon. The storage limits between the free and paid for Evernote accounts are actually monthly upload limits. You can just keep adding more data month on month. I do pay for it as anything I receive that is letter-based gets scanned in a synced. It only exports to its own internal format….

Hope it has the same functionality and that it works…. The export process does seem to be limited. Let me know if you have any questions getting started with Springpad!