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Queremos realidades , no leyes bonitas. Que es lo que pasa con los registros y la ley del Registro Civil. Comentarios a joseluisrivas o ghostbar. So, six days until DebCamp and we are here working in order to have a great Debian Conference for the first time in Central America! Sin embargo, en mi nuevo hogar estoy en proceso de generar una nueva DMZ, esta vez, sin ventiladores. Las comillas hacen referencia a que no se trata de un gran server sino un procesador ARM de Mhz y 32MB de RAM, lo que es suficiente para que corra Debian y algunos otros servicios que pueden ser interesantes.

Es realmente sencillo.

Instalar no Mozilla Firefox para Mac OS X as cadeias de certificados das ACs versões 1, 2 e 3

El sistema de paquetes que utiliza snake-os es opkg y tiene que ser primero activado desde Service-Opkg. En particular, pueden ser interesantes siempre pensando en los features originales : Transmission : Es un cliente de BitTorrent, para dejar tus descargas corriendo. Es bastante mejor que el original. Desde cuando un proveedor de Internet tiene potestad para cerrar descaradamente un sitio web?

La Internet no supone ser libre? No es posible que nuestro proveedor tilde de difamaciones y calumnias las quejas nuestras. This is my first post on the Debian Planet. Our next DebConf meeting is TBD on doodle , if you are interested to participate in the meeting, please go to doodle and select the dates you are available so we can decide when is going to be the next meeting. Carlos shared a pretty cool link with me this morning. Codility is a platform to help recruiters and contractors to test developers before hiring them.

Both the idea and the execution are beautiful. As part of my visit to the page I gave a try to the demo test. The problem was quite easy.

Preguntas Frecuentes - Gestión de Certificados Electrónicos

It reads like this:. Equilibrium index of a sequence is an index such that the sum of elements at lower indexes is equal to the sum of elements at higher indexes. For example, in a sequence A:. Assume the sum of zero elements is equal zero.


Write a function int equi int[] A ; that given a sequence, returns its equilibrium index any or -1 if no equilibrium indexes exist. Assume that the sequence may be very long. More specifically, data about local public land transportation schedule and live arrivals. The way they are presenting that information for mobile devices at the moment is very very heavy and slow, so I thought it may be useful to do something simpler for personal usage.

This way the application will boot way faster. However, if you find it useful feel free to drop me a line. Update : Android screenshots provided by Javier Pozueco.

Thanks buddy! Google is a pretty good example of it. But, how could it be implemented? This feature could be implemented either in the client side or in the server side. Either way, there should be a data structure somewhere containing the word list and an algorithm to do the lookup. The simplest approach may be to use a list to store the words and issue something like this when you want to get a list of hints for a given prefix:.

Although the results can and should be cached, the very first lookup or when the cache expires would be very inefficient because the entire list must be traversed and that operation will take linear time. Not bad, but when the size of the problem gets bigger i. Fortunately, there are better and faster ways to face the problem.

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So, assuming four is a reasonable minimum prefix length, I measured the time it would take to get a list of words prefixed by hous yes, just one, remember I said this was a poor benchmark? Unsurprisingly, it took around times longer for the list alternative to generate the hints My implementation of the tree is as follows.

Libro "Hacking Web Technologies"

A week ago, I wanted to prank my brother for a while. These alternatives are fast, bulletproof and time-saving, but not fun. So… what did I do? The script just collects connections, issues back Moved Permanently and sets Location to the URI specified as a command line argument option -u. It lacks some security checks left as an exercise to the reader but it does what it is supposed to do. Reports are welcome! For those wondering, the prank was a big success. Some simple tests are also included in the bundle.

If you want to examine the stack in each iteration you only have to turn debugging on. That can be accomplished by changing logging. INFO to logging.

Planet Debian Spanish

DEBUG line 7. If you are curious you can see all changes since 6.

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The main feature for this release is that now nvidia and ATI users can use their GPU with boinc they need to download the non-free libs and apply some workarounds. And if you read trough here, and you are a boinc user and want to help us, please send an email to pkg-boinc-devel lists. Almost 11 years knowing about free software, and 10 years using Debian, and almost 4 years trying to work on Debian. At least for me is a good time to say cheers! Al final el rollazo este del mundial va a tener algo bueno.

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Hay diversas administraciones que han empezado a publicar datos abiertos enlazados, tanto a nivel nacional como internacional. Actualmente, de todas formas, existen numerosas bibliotecas en diferentes lenguajes que hacen que esta tarea muy sencilla de realizar. Como nota positiva, hay grupos que no he visto en ninguna de las listas , como Amaral, Alaska, Hombres G, ….

English: if you want to know what this post is about, read this. Este manifiesto, elaborado de forma conjunta por varios autores, es de todos y de ninguno. Se ha publicado en multitud de sitios web. This weekend while I was on Guatemala just a few hours before to give a talk, my acer one decided to suddenly shut down, I tried to started again, remove the battery, plug the charger, etc, I actually even tried to bott it with some liv-usb distro, but the netbook keep shutting down a few seconds after boot.

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