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I need to grab each MAC address and output it to a csv file. PS you need to use tolower since switch may use uppercase and routers uses lowercase. Listen now.

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This works but it also grabs unwanted output. Marty Lemon Marty Lemon 9 2 2 bronze badges. Tom Fenech Tom Fenech However, before making this decision, the switch must first know the interface to which the machine is connected for the given MAC address. To do this, it analyzes the source MAC address of the frames it receives. For each incoming frame on one of its interfaces, the switch analyzes the source MAC address.

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If this is not yet known, it associates it with the interface by which the frame is entered. If it is already known and associated with the same interface, the information is refreshed.

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Finally, if the MAC address is already known but associated with another interface, the switch creates a new entry and deletes the old one. It remains to be seen what a switch does when it does not know the destination MAC address. The answer is simple: when the destination MAC address is not present in its MAC address table, the switch will propagate the frame through all interfaces except the one from which it originates, which is usually called "Unicast flooding".

That way you'll be sure to always find the command you are looking for.

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The biggest part is knowing which command you're looking for, and in this particular example, you've shown you do. I do use the?

Managing MAC Address Table

If I do, Cisco goes and changes things around and just irritates me. I was thinking in terms of the exam, I am sure I will find a way through, just thought its something that could cause a slip up - but being aware of the differences cant hurt at all. Scott showed an example that resembles the output of my switches. I would like to know what is the purpose of the mac addresses that are bound to the CPU in the mac address table, and why are there so many?

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  8. In my switch there are 20 addresses that are statically bound to the CPU, and one of them is the broadcast address. Notice that these addresses are present even when I have not statically assigned any addresses to any interfaces, and I have no computers connected to the switch to learn the addresses automatically. I would really like to understand why they exist?

    5 show mac address-table | ZyXEL Communications GS User Manual | Page /

    I am assuming that in an exam you could use the question mark or if it is just a question and not a simulator then it does not matter if they have a hypen or not. A quick question for you. Would that just be from multple PCs plugging into that port or is something else causing that? Please let me know.