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Folx is a BitTorrent client for Mac and at the same time an all-in-one download manager.

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After the latest release of macOS Catalina, Folx is probably the only torrent client for Mac that is is fully copmpatible with the latest OS and works without lags and glitches on macOS Folx PRO is pretty versatile, it supports magnet links, can search through multiple torrent trackers at once directly from the app.

Among the advantages Folx gives to its users are the following ones: the possibility to integrate app with Music former iTunes , a convenient password manager, the possibility to search through torrents directly via app interface. Download speed control and possibility to schedule downloads give additional points to Folx. However, as with any other alternatives for downloading uTorrents, in order to unlock additional features of the service, you will need to create a paid account.

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Deluge is another uTorrent alternative on Mac with a simple interface. You can download the offered plugins from the Deluge website to add extra options. The good thing is you can only add those features you really need making this torrent client really light. One of the features all users look for when deciding on an uTorrent alternative for mac is the possibility to adjust the speed limit in such a way that it is convenient and practical. This is one of the advantages when using Deluge, together with the possibility to batch-rename the download tasks and being expandable via plugins, including RSS.

Another great feature of this app is that this is open source. On the other hand, the number of features you will find in this service is not comparable with the features provided by the other competitors. Catalina compatibility is not officially announced by the developers of Deluge. We are performing tests now and soon will publish the results. Meanwhile, you can share your experience of using Deluge in Catalina below this article. It is a great open-source app giving you the freedom of use without awful ads here and there.

As with any other utorrent alternative , ads are always expected to interrupt any session the users might have. On top, you can subscribe to RSS feed and use the search function with many search engines looking for your selection.

The best torrent client for Mac right now

Our technical team is testing Bittorrent compatibility with Catalina and the results will appear here soon. Yes, BitTorrent itself is available as an app to download the torrent files you want! It is also featured in our list as a great uTorrent alternative on Mac with more or less same appearance. It offers some unique perks like ultra speed delivery, built-in bandwidth booster, and great file download speed.

The possibility to map ports automatically when using an alternative to utorrent mac is a great advantage of BitTorrent, which is tied to the fact that the platform is in direct sync with the official BitTorrent website and can stream torrents in a matter of seconds.

However, the fact that the interface is not extremely user-friendly, and the download statistics are usually limited come as a drawback when using this service. Moreover, unlocking PRO features for BitTorrent comes with a paid annual account, which is a bit daunting compared to the other services. Not compatible at the moment.

It is not certain if the developers will release Catalina compatible version in the future, so we decided not no remove BitTorrent from the list of uTorrent alternatives for Mac yet. Transmission is fast and easy. It is also free. Transmission is not available for Windows machines, but is a cool alternative to uTorrent Mac or Linux. If you have a Mac or a Linux system, you can get a minimalistic and simple torrent downloading solution. Transmission is also available for some other platforms, such as in Terminal and as a web client, which can be useful for its professional users.

Simple Steps to Fully Uninstall uTorrent (ĀµTorrent) on Mac

Besides having an intuitive interface, there are no extra toolbars or ads that can ruin your experience when using Transmission. By now Transmission seems to support macOS Catalina while the developers did not declared it clearly. Our technical team is now trying to clarify this issue and soon we'll update details about Transmission compatibility with macOS If you already tried to use the application in Catalina your help in the comments below will be highly appreciated.

The personalization features available with Vuze are exceptional. For instance, your feed will be populated with the torrents that you previously subscribed to in order for you to see only the content that is relevant to you. When seeing an uTorrent service that provides plugins support and has an in-built torrent search in the app, then it is reckoned to be a great app.

On top of that, Vuze is also providing its users with an in-built video player, which is meant to enhance the customer experience. We found it using little background processing and is bereft of adverts and spam. Transmission is dead simple torrent client available today in the market. Feature wise, it runs natively and can be remotely managed. It gives you robust system notifications for your active and completed downloads, download scheduling, port forwarding, remote management, encryption, and just about everything else you might expect from a well-built client.