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Excel Keeps Crashing on Mac
  1. Word Keeps Crashing on Mac
  2. Microsoft Word for Mac - Freezing / Continuously Not Responding
  3. How To Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Issue?
  4. Troubleshooting MacOS Catalina Problems

You can safely install Office and it will not copy over or mess-up your Office files. Microsoft claims to be aware of the problems with Office for Mac and has promised to issue fixes soon. You can also give feedback to Microsoft from within Office by selecting the small smiley face in the top right corner and explaining your problem or pasting in any crash reports or logs that you have.

Microsoft Word Keeps Freezing and Not Responding

If none of these fixes repair Office on your Mac and remember that if you have a subscription to Office , you can check your mail using the web version of Outlook and Office One last word of advice. If you need a reliable long term backup solution to problems with Office on your Mac, the only other solution is to install Windows on Mac and install Microsoft Office on that. We hope these tips have helped you stop Outlook and Word from crashing on your Mac. I have installed latest Office Update Close OneDrive For Business 2. Delete the file and restart OneDrive For Business. It never connects.

Outlook never does this and works like a champ. The latter never works. Do you know which version of Exchange you are using? After posting, I created a new Outlook profile and tried to import the Outlook profile again. One of my two Exchange accounts triggered a pop-up that stated it was SP1 and therefore would not allow me to connect to Exchange after import which aligns with your question. I will try to import it again and see if the trouble goes away. The interesting issue is that I was able to go through this exercise at initial installation and even connect to the SP2 Exchange account without issue.

It downloaded and synchronized all e-mail, events, and contacts. This prevents my Outlook client from connecting properly. I write in the proper URL and Outlook overwrites it. I have tried net new installations and imports of identities clean or otherwise.

Word Keeps Crashing on Mac

Todd, Thanks for sharing your experiences. So it seems to be a problem with how a company configures the Exchange server format rather than the version of Exchange being used? Part of the import process qualifies what it wants to import and whether or not it is allowed or will impact the ability to connect to the MSE server.

SP2 is required to connect as you guys have documented nicely. It will probably cause frustration for many enterprises, especially those smaller ones still on Exchange Also, is there ANY way to locally archive mail? My total size is about 1. Andrew, It may be a glitch with your current Outlook account. Hopefully this will be added in the final release. My Word always crashes when it starts. Have you still got an older copy of Office installed on your Mac or a backup of Office?

Microsoft Word for Mac - Freezing / Continuously Not Responding

I found the file and I have deleted, however did not work. Word still crash and when it does not crash some commands as Bold, Underline disappeared form the menu. Do you have a Time Machine backup of Office ? If not, try deleting the Office installation completely and reinstalling it. I have the same problem — my Word crashes every time I open it with the same message. Any idea what can I do? Should I reinstall the whole program? Thank you! Please note that you can now find solutions to Word crashing on Mac here. I have tried it on an iMac and a Macbook pro to the same effect, albeit with the same recently updated exchange server.

Robert, Its probably due to your version of Exchange. Hi — I updated to Outlook yesterday and it crashed instantly upon opening. Thankfully, I found your suggestion in the first part of your post and that helped — yesterday! Today — it just crashes as soon as I open Outlook — I have tried your fix but no joy and Outlook is now unusable for me….

How To Fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Issue?

If its not version 2. Annoyingly the same time I went abroad for several months in a region with no Mac stores without taking several flights and unreliable internet access, the system has basically stopped working. Well, anything to do with Finder doesn't work. I suspect it is related to the more fundamental Finder issue.

Weirdly, Word will run fine as will Transmission. Edit: also tried restoring from several Time Machine backups as far back as November and the symptoms persist. Wtf is this????

Troubleshooting MacOS Catalina Problems

Of course, I lost about half my files with the system restores through Time Machine before I worked it out. It was me using autofs to mount network shares. Quite why a network share going down or being unavailable means that the entire system is unusable is beyond me.

It fact, thinking about it, it's utterly insane. I wonder if now I have to write some really hacky script to automatically disable autofs if it can't connect to the server a few times in a row. Another thing that I fear will remain an eternal mystery is why various other apps completely locked up and failed to start. Why any file manager? Why Excel but not Word?! Can you add 'nofail" like what fergaljd did? This is his post, and I also given some suggestion that you might want to try.

Login problems with Automount and SMB shares. Listen now.

How To Unfreeze Your Mac

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